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Italian Original Recipes is a cooking and wellness blog of italian food, it is a reference point for all cooking enthusiasts, lovers of good taste and traditions who intend to share their experiences and recipes while enjoying the flavors of our grandparents, where everything was seasoned with love!

The blog was born on 16 February 2021 from the idea of ​​Nonna Adele, her cuisine is mainly based on traditional recipes that she has always developed over the years as a great lover of cooking.

Even today he is enthusiastic about cooking for his children and grandchildren and between one dish and another he had the intuition to involve his acquaintances, friends and relatives in this hobby that has become a blog.

Cooking for her is a way of having fun, to create personalized dishes that take care of the smallest details, giving them a touch of refinement and taste.

The success was immediate and often her friends, relatives and acquaintances call her to request recipes that have not yet been published, she is always ready to fulfill their wishes because she realized that these small gestures represent a way of loving. people and not to make them feel alone.


This blog is not a newspaper as it is updated without any periodicity. It cannot therefore be considered an editorial product pursuant.
The publication or reproduction, even partial, is not allowed without the explicit consent of the author.
Some images are taken from the internet, but if their use violates copyright, please notify the author of the blog who will promptly remove them.

pasta-1181189_1920 Info
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